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Nano Memristor™


As technology continues to advance and artificial intelligence becomes more and more prominent throughout various industries, the need to push the boundaries has become more necessary than ever before. One of the biggest needs for artificial intelligence and robotics as a whole is the capability for memory. Electronics as a whole could benefit from memristor solutions but artificial intelligence could see the greatest benefits as memristors could eliminate startup times and allow the AI to instantly remember everything it has already performed in the past in addition to many other benefits.


Nano Memristor™ will allow higher operating speeds to advance AI transactions and apply greater Robotic capacity to both routine operations and advanced mission-critical tasks. Nano Memristor™ allows for fewer components (by combining RAM & hard drives), provides faster & automated decision making (through applied AI & robotics), reduces heating problems and reduces power consumption. Our Nano Memristor™ represents the next generation of the evolution of electronics from resistors to memristors with the ability to manage an input greater than 4 watts. This technology represents the state of the art opportunity to be on the ground floor of future electronics.

This is today’s solution to tomorrow’s problems!

What Is A Memristor?

A memristor (a.k.a., a memory resistor) is a non-linear passive two-terminal electrical component relating electric charge and magnetic flux linkage. A memristor’s present resistance depends on how much electrical charge has flowed in what direction through it in the past and the device remembers its history. This memory factor allows the memristor to remember its most recent resistance until it is turned on again.

What Can A Nano Memristor™ Do?

Nano Memristor™ can handle power greater than 4 watts without degradation or loss of function while fitting in large or small device structures of varying shapes. A memristor is stable over a wide range of temperatures while maintaining a good chemical stability.

Other Nano Memristor™ Info

Additionally, memristors are strikingly small in size yet more powerful than a normal resistor. Currently a memristor is at most one tenth of its RAM counterparts and has incomparable potential to store analog information, allowing it to keep multiple bits of information in a memory cell. These tiny powerhouses are significantly faster than capacitors and a 1cm of silicon space could hold over 100 gigabytes of information with a 3d structure of 1,000 layers potentially holding one petabyte of total storage. This could effectively remove the need for cache, RAM and a hard drive.

Novum Nano Industry Use

Memristors like Nano Memristor™ has uses in a wide range of industries including but not limited to electronics, IT & telecommunication, industrial, aerospace & defense, automotive and healthcare. Using Nano Memristor™ in army drones, professional computers, personal computers, cell phones, AI, robotics, etc. results in higher operating speeds, greater memory, reduced heat & power consumptions, all while utilizing fewer components.

These benefits will be prominent in both private and public sectors across many industries. For Nano Memristor™ the opportunities are endless!