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Nanotechnology: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Nanotechnology refers to a field of research and innovation that aims to build ‘things’ on the atomic and molecular levels. These ‘things’ can be almost anything, but typically are materials and devices. We measure these devices and materials with nanometers, a measurement that is one-billionth of a meter. The average human hair is 80,000 nanometers wide meaning the ‘things’ being built with nanotechnology are a fraction of the size of a human hair. 

Modern nanotechnology works to see and control individual atoms and molecules to produce materials that are working to change the world. For instance, a carbon nanotube is 100x stronger than steel but is 6x lighter making its practical uses almost endless. However, nanotechnology is still relatively new in its applications, but the field is rapidly growing. 

What Can Nanotechnology Do?

A better question to ask would be what CAN’T nanotechnology do? This revolutionary tech has the ability to solve major health issues, help clean the environment and dispose of waste, and increase the efficiency of energy consumption just to name a few applications. Nanotechnology is smaller, stronger, cheaper, and lighter, while also being more functional and requiring less energy and fewer materials to create. Given these attributes, the applications of nanotechnology are seemingly endless. We are already starting to see nanotechnology being used in health, defense systems, energy sectors, and more. However, technology is not going to stop there. There are numerous potential applications such as food security, sanitation, drug delivery, water purification, and much more. The nano experts at Novum Nano have already successfully implemented nanotechnology into several products including motor oil additives, thermal pastes, paints, memristors, and coatings. The future of nanotechnology is going to change how the world operates and how we live our daily lives. You may ask yourself how? Keep reading. 

Why Is Nanotechnology Important?

Given the small size of nanotechnology, the nano-materials used have a large surface area-to-volume ratio, giving the technology increased reactivity, strength, and conductivity. Their size will also allow the technology to be easily incorporated into a wide variety of products and processes. As we said earlier, we will start to see nanotechnology implemented into electronic devices, medical treatments, energy production, environmental health, and more. Nanotechnology will start to be used to create new products and make existing products even better. 

The general public will see direct benefits as cell phones continue to improve, and electronics are smaller and more powerful, stronger, and cheaper. With such a diverse range of potential applications, nanotechnology has the ability to change our world in the same capacity that computers have changed society in the last 30+ years. We are just beginning to see what nanotechnology is capable of, but as more time and resources are spent on nanotechnology, we will start to see nanotechnology implemented in daily products. 

In addition to changing our daily lives, nanotechnology is going to change the military and space landscape. Militaries will be able to create more advanced technology, improve current technology and change how their systems work. Jets and tanks will be lighter, stronger, and have greater capabilities. Missiles and missile defense systems will be better. Space stations will have greater capabilities and space exploration may be able to advance. The bottom line is that nanotechnology is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down in any industry. 

If you are curious to see how we are utilizing nanotechnology at Novum Nano®, visit our website to discover our current nano products. Want to learn more about nanotechnology? Visit our blog to see the latest in nanotechnology.